The WIndscoop - and expensive air conditioner

Sunday, January 18, 2009 4:09 AM

When we altered our plans for the scoop back in early January (read the posting on January 17 ‘Windscoop Thoughts’ if you care to re-visit), I was gung-ho, thinking, ‘well, if we’re gonna do it, let’s do it boldly’.  I have had a few reservations since.  When the idea for the ‘scoop was first considered to be placed on top of our main dome, I thought it’d ruin the ‘sight lines’ of our dome. So, we designed it low, between the bedroom dome and main dome.  Well, this scoop is now a MAJOR piece of the architecture, as we kept it 27” of usable interior space the entire way up.  Which means any adult or kid now has an interior climbing gym as well as a natural air conditioner.

Look at the careful way we created a ‘leaning arch’ from the flat surface of the windscoop to get it to climb, rise vertical, and open its mouth to the winds?   Pretty darn good bag work!

Was it worth the extra days it took us to build this monster? And will folks like this snake crawling up the main dome and reaching its head so aggressively into the sky? Will I actually play many tunes from its top?  Time will tell...but we did it boldly!

This was the last of our bags to be laid, so we have now COMPLETED the 3 domes, bathroom, and shower complex. 5 domes in 8 weeks. I am proud of the building team and those who supported us with advice and enthusiasm.   Below is architectural research to see how many beer cans can be stacked without failing.