Niches #2 - Learning from Mistakes

Thursday, June 1, 2023 2:55 PM

The niches I made in the Sunrise dome are two of my favorite (and most useful) attributes of dome living.  One is my bookshelf and the other my 'art showcase' where my guitar and art is displayed. I wanted more and learned my lessons fron the first Hootenanny (see December 2022 post ‘Niches in the 3 Domes” for more).  So I cut them in Eli’s Dome (for his speaker, iphone, etc) and above his sink for his dob kit.

I made a small book shelf in the Bedroom dome, 2 narrow art shelves, and 4 niches in the bathroom for ‘stuff’.  But I really wanted themn all to have nice shelves that were rounded. What I didn’t know is that Benito and Andres were goinbg to build a small frame for them and fill in 2 inches of cement with wire re-inforcement, thus loosing 2 inches in each niche.  I wish I had:

  1. Worked harder during the constructiopn phase to make even biggere niches while the material was soft and
  2. Sunk small rebar in the walls underneath the niche to provide support for a shelf prior to the material settling into concrete.

Live and learn :-)