Earthworks Week: Septic System search and Clean Out

Wednesday, August 30, 2023 5:41 PM

The last 10 days of August I attempted to finalize the project: find and connect the septic to the new bathroom; prepare the ground for more annual water (build swales and pools); finish the A/C and doors; and some miscellaneous projects.

The septic was the most complex, as the documented plan turned out wrong.  The septic went direct from the outdoor bathroom to under the kitchen, to a few feet eastward into a V heading north to the Bathroom Dome (the V going east was capped) and directly under the new Bathroom Dome.  

We eventually tired of digging for the tank and pipes where we asumed it was (based on plan here) and started at the bathroom and followed it eastward toward the sea. Here shows the septic pipe and the hot water line running to the kitchen

Outside of Kitchen Dome, viewed 

above viewed from kitchen dome (dome at my back)

above viewed from outside kitchen dome, watching the septic pipe disappear under new Bedroom/Bathroom Dome.  Note the ‘clean out’ I added that is 4 ‘ (feet) from the dome and 6’ (feet) from the water faucet to help in event needing a clean out.

From under the new Bedroom/Bathroom Dome, the main septic pipe leaves to connect to the septic systerm (~ 3 meters long, 3 chnmbers, with the primary chamber being where we added a ’T-Connector’ and tapped into the new sanitation pipe leading the new new Bedroom/Bathroom Dome.  The whole time we dug, the septic tank was only ~ 5 feet from the septic tank.  The corner of the septic tank is in the lower right —hand corner of the image below.

This pic gives a good perspective how to find the septic tank (if needed again)