Swales and Pools

Wednesday, August 30, 2023 7:37 PM

The most critical erosion problem was caused by our neighbor building a retaining wall and stealing our large rocks which had stabilized the earth for the last 10 years.  

We start at the back of the property to slow down water toward the front (sea side) and here is a series of projects:

Shower hardscape to new pool.  I used the double-pipes we’d installed 12 years ago, cut them ~ 3 feet from the Bedroom/Bathroom Dome and deposit that water into a pool, whihc overflows under foilage to a pool.

A bit lower I trenched a swale to lead water to a small pool from the north side where we had been siting our earth piles and cement making.  

Further downward to the front, where our outside table is, I added a new row of stairs to make 3 steps (we’d had 2 prior) in order to elevate and better ‘level;’ the beach area we use for living.  Here is that third step:

The south hardscape that rushes water in big storms, I dug a trench and laid a 6” irrigation pipe to flow water under the saned to the receiving pool and then swale system I built on the south side.

With so much hiher area slowing and spreading done, hopefully the main target of the solution (the north area disturbed by our neighbor’s building project) will be provided by the swale leading into the steep edge.

…then marching down in tight swales to pools, and to flush into the foliage above the water line.