Earth Domes

The History of the Project

Jeff, Kate, and Eli, with the help of 48 friends, family and members of the community of El Cardonal, built an earthen home using ‘SuperAdobe’ in 2008.  We used a combiantion of paid Mexican labor (4 of whom had built with this technology before) and friends in order to show how simple this technique works to build a lovely home.  We are now intending to build 2 more domes: a 'teen' dome' (small dome the size of the current bedroom) and another whihc is really two domes: a bedroom + bathroom.  We are still using this project to inspire, especially the young, showing that building sustainable housing can be cheap, elegant, and you can DIY (do it yourself). We expect to complete the build in a week.

This website is our story and an invitation to come to complete the final set of domes November 15-22, 2022.

You may not be able to physically work with earth, but you're still invited to watch and learn, as you will easily learn how to do this. It ain't complicated!  We are then hosting a big Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday Nov. 24, 2022.  Anyone who comes to help, or be inspired, is invited to join us for the feast.  I have a block of hotel rooms on hold, and a large vacation rental (nice place, good views, pool, etc) that is described on the Travel Info page.

Contact me if you wish to participate in Hootenanny Two, enjoy Thanksgiving in EL Cardonal with us.  Email me or call.